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LeBron James Confirms That He Wants To Play With Bronny: "That's The Plan!"

LeBron James

In just a few years, LeBron James will have the chance to make history by sharing the court with his son, Bronny. While many doubt LeBron can pull it off, he has said multiple times already that he will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

On Monday night, he reminded the world again of his ambitions in a fan Q&A on Twitter.

LeBron James is already 37-years-old. He has 18 years of experience under his belt. Even as many question how much longer he will remain an elite player, nobody questions his desire to suit up alongside Bronny:

His son, Bronny, is a junior on the Sierra Canyon H.S. team and a 5-star recruit ranked 49th in his class by ESPN. It makes sense on many levels to assume that LeBron will spend the remainder of this season and all of next season with the Lakers so that he can be close to his son all the way through high school.

But after June of 2023 has come and gone (and James’ current contract with the Lakers will have expired), there could be a new destination on James’ landscape … provided he has not already switched teams prior to that in order to increase his chances of winning another title.

“LeBron likes L.A., he likes raising his family in L.A., and his post-career businesses are in L.A.,” ESPN journalist Brian Windhorst told me. “But he’s made it very clear that he wants to play with his son. If that situation is available outside L.A., he’ll pursue it.”

If anybody can pull this off, it's LeBron. He spends thousands of dollars every year to take care of his body and keep his game in peak condition. The question is, where will Bronny land?

While there has been intense debate about where he will fall in the draft, nobody knows which team will be the one to land him. All we do know is that, wherever Bronny goes, his father is likely to follow.