LeBron James Epic Reaction On 'KD After Bruce Brown Floater' Meme

NBA Twitter Tries To Interpret Cryptic LeBron James Tweet

Game 3 between the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets was an instant classic, not because it was a great game or because it was a defensive clinic, but because of some head-scratching moments that won't be easy to forget.

Obviously, this will go down as the Bruce Brown game. Brown did an outstanding job of helping the Nets get back into the game by knocking down multiple shots over Brook Lopez, but that's not what people will remember.

Brown decided to take matters into his own hands when the game was on the line. The Nets were coming off a timeout and the play was broken due to Milwaukee's good defense.

Bruce didn't even bother looking to the sides to try and find Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving and drove to the rim to try and win the game with a floater who didn't even touch the rim.

Needless to say, that prompted plenty of reactions around social media, and not even LeBron James could help but to crack up to a hilarious video meme from that moment.

Poor Brown was having the best playoff game of his career before that unfortunate incident. He became the league's laughing stock of the night, and the Nets dropped a winnable game.

At the end of the day, Brown is still one of the most important role players for Steve Nash's team, and it's now clear that he can do a lot of damage inside the paint. Just the next time, they'd be better off putting the ball in the future Hall of Famer's hands when the game is on the line.