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LeBron James, Savannah James, Rich Paul, And Adele Look Stunning At Kevin Love’s Wedding: “They Are So Elegant And Beautiful"

LeBron James, Savannah James, Rich Paul, And Adele Look Stunning At Kevin Love’s Wedding: “They Are So Elegant And Beautiful"

LeBron James and Kevin Love shared the locker room for four seasons when James used to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The two shared a great bond and went to four consecutive NBA Finals together.

In those four trips, James and K-Love won one ring. Although LeBron left the Cavs for the Los Angeles Lakers back in 2018, the two players still seem to be on a good note. 

From time to time, the two share hilarious stories about each other or simply praise each other. A few months ago, Love shared what he thinks could be a fairytale ending for LeBron's career. Love revealed that he believes if Bronny James gets drafted by the Cavs, LeBron will return to the team and play his final season there.

Anyway, coming back to the topic at hand. James might not be returning to the Cavaliers just yet, but he makes sure to be present at his close friends' important moments.

He proved that once again when he, alongside his wife Savannah James, attended Kevin Love's wedding on June 25, 2022. Apart from LeBron and his wife, sports agent and longtime friend of LeBron, Rich Paul was also present at the wedding. Paul was seen at the wedding with his partner and renowned singer, Adele.

The four celebrity guests at Love's wedding made sure to make the moment memorable by posing for a picture. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar posted this image on his Instagram as well.

Upon seeing this post, fans absolutely fell in love with the picture. They poured the comments section with a lot of love and appreciation for the two couples.

jacobforch: "Out of the park with all due respect."

cjmchris: "Rich really got Adele Sheshh game 👏🔥."

sagelangeness45: "This is quite possibly the most beautiful post I have ever seen😮🙃😉."

tanbrady: "Black Excellence wit a Dab of Adele 🔥."

astark888: "So many 🐐 in one pic 🔥🔥🔥🔥."

hentondrake: "The leaders of the nba world right here 😂😬 just facts tho."

mojenatalian: "It’s Adele & Savannah for me."

latoya728: "Dang Two G.O.A.T.S in one pic!! Oh how I love Adele ❤️ Savannah is drop dead gorgeous. LeBron you ok lol JK you & my hubby can pass for brothers…he gets it all the time."

kbanx216: "Ohio boys doing it at the highest level!."

ohheyykay: "Before I saw the caption, my thought was 'iconic'."

As we mentioned, fans loved this iconic image posted by LeBron and were in awe of the beauty of Adele and Savannah, in particular.

Apart from LeBron, other members of the Cleveland Cavaliers were also present at the wedding. All the players posed for a picture as well.

Once again, it is good to see that Kevin Love has maintained a good relationship with his teammates, past or present.

In the end, we would like to congratulate Kevin Love and Kate Bock for tying the knot. Hope they enjoy a long and happy married life.