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LeBron James Says He Has Never Had An NBA Season Like This One: "No. It's Just Day To Day."

LeBron James Says He Has Never Had An NBA Season Like This One: "No. It's Just Day To Day."

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have not had the kind of season they were expecting. When they put together their star-studded roster during the offseason, many fans expected them to be contenders to win the NBA championship. But they’ve not been this season, in fact, they’ve been far from it.

The Los Angeles Lakers looked destined to lose another game last night against the Utah Jazz. Anthony Davis went out of the game with a massive ankle injury, and the Jazz looked set to beat the Lakers. But LA rallied, as LeBron James and Russell Westbrook stepped up in the 4th quarter to come back and defeat the Jazz. Fans were thrilled to see the Lakers step up against the Jazz.

It was a much-needed win for the Lakers going into the All-Star break and could be the start of them turning their season around. But even LeBron James understands how difficult that will be. In the post-game press conference, LeBron James was asked if he had ever had a season like this, and he gave a pretty direct answer to the reporters.

"No... And just day-to-day. Day-to-day."

LeBron is not at all wrong when it comes to his assessment of the Lakers' season. The Lakers have been very poor this year, and haven't been able to string together a consistent series of good performances. The closest James has experienced a season like this was the 2017-18 NBA season, where the Cavaliers had a revolving door of talent, but James was able to overcome it and take the team to the NBA Finals. 

The Lakers have failed to win a lot of games, and are currently below the .500 mark right now. The big three of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook have not gelled together with the way that they were expected to, and the Lakers have lost a lot of games due to their lack of chemistry together. But if they can build on their momentum after the All-Star game, there may be hope for the franchise.