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LeBron James Trolls Stephen Curry After Missing One Free Throw: "Give Me Two, I Ain't Ever Seen It"

LeBron James Trolls Stephen Curry After Missing One Free Throw: "Give Me Two, I Ain't Ever Seen It"

On Friday night, LeBron James tried to taunt Stephen Curry during the Los Angeles Lakers-Golden State Warriors pre-season game that saw Russell Westbrook making his debut with the purple and gold

Bron and Steph are two of the fiercest competitors in the game right now, both leading their respective teams to multiple NBA Finals appearances and championships. In the past, they were pitted against each other and had heated exchanges during their clashes. 

However, that's part of the game and these two superstars have a great relationship off the court. LeBron was reportedly trying to recruit Curry to the Lakers last season after their incredible performance in the 2021 All-Star Game. 

Well, that hasn't changed a bit and their camaraderie is something fun to watch. During this Friday night matchup, The King trolled Curry, daring him to miss two consecutive free throws. 

With 2.18 minutes left on the clock in the second quarter, Steph took the ball at the FT line and missed the first free throw. Bron was surprised and said a few words while Curry smiled. 

After the Chef attempted his second FT, the Lakers superstars shouted something that resonated around the arena. 

"Give me two [missed free throws], I ain't ever seen it," James said, but Curry didn't miss this time. 

Curiously, these two are expected to lead their squads to the playoff this season. Perhaps the Warriors aren't as dangerous as they were from 2015 through 2019, but having Curry, Draymond Green, and a couple of pieces while Klay Thompson makes his return, this team can make some noise in the West. 

If they clash in the postseason, we can live another edition of the James-Curry rivalry. Maybe then, things won't be as friendly as they were on Friday.