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Lou Williams Explains What Happened During The Magic City Incident: "I Think At That Time We Underestimated Jack Harlow's Celebrity.”

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Lou Williams starred in one of the most curious moments in the infamous Orlando bubble last year. Amid a global pandemic, the NBA traveled to the Walt Disney Resort to play out the rest of the season, having strict health and safety protocols. 

Williams got permission to leave the bubble and attend the wake of a 'father figure.' He returned to Atlanta, and after attending the event, the player was involved in one of the most controversial moments of the bubble. 

He was pictured with rapper Jack Harlow at Magic City, a gentlemen's club, which sparked many reactions around the league. This situation got a lot bigger than expected, with the league even investigating what really happened with Williams during his trip. 

The player recently had the chance to discuss this incident, revealing how it all went down and what led to that infamous pic. 

Via Clutch Points

“I came out the bubble, I got permission to go. Was COVID tested everyday. His wake was on Walker street, right by Magic City. We left the wake. We said we were gonna grab something to eat .. then head back to the bubble.”

“Then Jack Harlow walks in. This where sh-t kinda goes left. … Jack had recently got the number one record, the WHATS POPPIN record. So when I seen him, I was excited to see him. I was like, ‘bro, let’s take a shot. To celebrate the song or whatever’. And so as we were taking the shot, Jack say, ‘Yo, is it cool if I take a picture?” .. I said I don’t see a problem with it since we both got our masks on. We took the picture, it went out, and I think at that time we underestimated his celebrity.”

After that, the backlash was huge for Williams. People accused him of a lot of things for that pic. Even though he tried to explain what happened, nobody believed him. 

“It just went viral. ‘Lou snuck out the bubble to go to Magic City and came back.’ I was trying to jeopardize the championship when I had permission to be where I was.”

That season, the Los Angeles Clippers couldn't get past the Denver Nuggets in the second round of the playoff. They blew a 3-1 lead against Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, and co. 

What started as a trip to pay respect to a loved one turned out to be one of the worst moments in Lou's career. Now he's part of the Atlanta Hawks after being traded at the deadline. 

He's closer than ever to Magic City and can visit the place without any problem.