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Lou Williams Says He Went To Magic City Strip Club To Get Food Not To Party

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Lou Williams has become the most famous name in the NBA in recent hours and not for the best reasons. The Los Angeles Clippers guard was allegedly spotted partying at a strip club in Atlanta after he left the Orlando bubble due to a family urgency.

To be fair, Williams did attend a family urgency since his grandpa sadly passed away but the player took a different path earlier this week and was seen at a strip club in Atlanta, which created a lot of reactions.

ESPN's Ramona Shelburne revealed on Saturday night that Williams admitted to the NBA that he indeed went to the Atlanta strip club, just not for the reasons everyone believes.

After a picture of Williams with rapper Jack Harlow was shared on social media, the player tried to calm everybody, remembering that he enjoys eating at that restaurant and wasn't partying as everyone believes.

Ros Gold-Onwude tried to help Williams, releasing a short video of the player admitting how much he likes Magic City as a restaurant about three months ago.

Shannon Sharpe also expressed his opinion on this matter, agreeing that the restaurant have some delicious meals that people need to try at least once.

Perhaps the time for that picture wasn't the best. Maybe Williams should have picked another time to attend the restaurant or use a different way to get his food. Even though if he didn't do anything, the picture with Harlow doesn't help his case.

Now he has to redeem himself with his team. Head coach Doc Rivers admitted that the team didn't like Williams' pictures.

The player will have to be quarantined now and it's highly unlikely that he'll play in next Thursday’s opening-night against the Los Angeles Lakers.