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Max Kellerman Doubles Down On Saying Andre Iguodala Should Take The Last Shot Over Stephen Curry: "I Still Do."

Andre Iguodala and Max Kellerman

Andre Iguodala is well-known for winning the Finals MVP in 2015, and he was also an All-Star during his time with the Philadelphia 76ers. In his prime, he was one of the most athletic wings in the game and had a knack for playmaking and defense.

During the recent Jazz-Warriors game, Andre Iguodala made a clutch 3PT shot to seal the game. That has led many, including Warriors guard Damion Lee to reminisce on the time in 2019 that Max Kellerman said he'd have Andre Iguodala take the final shot of the game over Stephen Curry.

Max Kellerman has recently doubled down on his original statement, claiming that his statement was never about a player getting their own shot on the perimeter, but about knocking down an open look. He then reiterated that he wants Andre Iguodala taking the shot "when it matters most".

Let me tell you fools something: I still do... You don't have to get your own shot. Just an open look. This is not about how well you shoot. It's about what's in your veins, ice water. Who's won more Finals MVPs, Andre Iguodala or Stephen Curry? The answer is Iguodala... I'm saying with the money on the line, what type of player are you. Are you a clutch player? Andre Iguodala is not a great shooter. Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all-time. When it matters most, I want Iguodala. I said it again.

There is no question that most people would disagree with this statement. As Max Kellerman admits, Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. It makes sense to have the greatest shooter ever taking a wide-open shot over Andre Iguodala. 

However, it seems as though Max Kellerman really believes in Andre Iguodala being a more clutch player than Stephen Curry. We have seen Stephen Curry have good 4th quarter performances before, and perhaps he'll prove Max Kellerman going forward.