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Michael Jordan And Tom Brady: The Legendary Basketball Game In The Bahamas

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Amid worldwide silence in the sports world, athletes from all different leagues are discovering that they've got a lot of extra time.

In the case of Bucs quarterback Tom Brady, he has taken it upon himself to make the most of this quarantine period. After jumping off a cliff on Saturday, he stepped on the court to play some pickup ball with Michael Jordan himself.

We were fortunate enough to be given some footage of the match and it appears as if Jordan was talking some mad trash as he drilled a shot in his defenders' face. He yelled 'and-one,' called fouls, and even suggested that his defender look up his career on YouTube for hints on how to guard him. Some things just never change.

The setting is apparently somewhere in the Bahamas.

At 52 years old, Jordan's age is definitely starting to show. He looked a little slow and rusty with that fadeaway.

Nevertheless, it went in and MJ seemed to be dominating the court in his usual fashion. He is as confident in his abilities now as he was back then. In everything that he does, it's always with passion and the belief that he is the best at it. And, truth be told, he usually is -- especially when it comes to anything that happens on the basketball court.

He just made Tom Brady a witness.