Montrezl Harrell On Having Two DNP's And Playing Under 10 Minutes Per Game: "Played The Role I Was Asked To Play!"

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Montrezl Harrell doesn't look happy with his participation in the Los Angeles Lakers-Phoenix Suns first-round series, where his team lost 4-2 to the Arizonian team. 

The big man didn't have much playing time, and he sent cryptic messages on social media to show his discomfort with the situation. However, now that the season is over, people have noticed how different things were for him in the playoffs compared to the regular season. 

Trezz shared an Instagram story showing the difference between his MPG from the regular season to the postseason, pointing out that he recorded two DNP's during the series, too. 

"Played the role I was asked to play," the former Los Angeles Clippers wrote on the story. 


This isn't the first time he's vented his frustrations on social media. Earlier this week, he took to Twitter to say that wasting time was the worst feeling of all, which caught the attention of the NBA community. 

The Lakers ended this season having several issues. What started as a very promising season for them turned out to be a nightmare, and now the front office will have a lot of work to do to fix this situation. 

Trezz has refused to say if he's returning to the Lakers next season or if he'll become a free agent. This is a tricky situation for the players and the team, but fans believe he deserves a second chance with the organization.