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NBA Fans Debate Whether Bronny James Or Zaire Wade Would Win A 1-On-1 Game: "Bronny Smoking Him, All Due Respect."

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NBA players often have children who end up becoming basketball players themselves. It's only natural that their children would also want to make the NBA. Two NBA legends who have children that want to make the NBA are Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

Dwyane Wade's son Zaire Wade last played for the Salt Lake City Stars of the G-League, while LeBron James has two sons who are angling to make the league in Bronny James and Bryce James. It was notably reported that LeBron James wants to play with Bronny James before he retires.

A recent video clip of Zaire Wade playing a 1-on-1 game with Dwyane Wade surfaced, with the caption asking fans who would win a 1-on-1 game, Zaire Wade or Bronny James. It seems as though many people believe that Bronny James would win that hypothetical matchup.

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Bronny James is a solid prospect, and like Zaire Wade, he has engaged in 1-on-1 games with his father in the past. LeBron James previously revealed that the one time when they played, he "shattered the backboard on a dunk".

Fan: "Bronny beat you one-on-one yet? What was score last time y'all played?"

LeBron James: "The last time we actually played I shattered the backboard on a dunk so we couldn't finish the game."

Perhaps we will see some footage of Zaire Wade and Bronny James playing 1-on-1 at some point. It would definitely be interesting to see the two sons of NBA legends face off.

It remains to be seen if either of the two ends up making the league. Bronny James is obviously still in high school, and Zaire Wade is currently unsigned after his stint in the G-League. Hopefully, we see both players end up in the league in the future.