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NBA Fans Debate Which All-Decade Team Would Win A Tournament: 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s Or 2020s

NBA Fans Debate Which All-Decade Team Would Win A Tournament: 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s Or 2020s

At this point, it's well known that NBA fans love a good (or bad) debate, and they're always ready to give their opinion on hypothetical scenarios. Sometimes they're interesting, and sometimes they're just trying to stir the pot. 

Anyway, the community often engages in these discussions, trying to validate their points of view. Comparisons between eras are always hateful, but for some, that's a very interesting exercise. 

ClutchPoints Instagram page recently dropped an interesting idea, putting together seven teams from each decade the NBA has been around, asking fans which legendary squad would take the win if they clashed against one another. 

The seven teams are these:

1960s: Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain

1970s: Walt Frazier, John Havlicek, Julius Erving, Elvin Hayes, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

1980s: Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Moses Malone

1990s: John Stockton, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon

2000s: Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'Neal

2010s: Stephen Curry, James Harden, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis

2020s: Ja Morant, Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic

Of course, fans didn't waste time, but most of them focused on changing one specific player and putting someone they thought was more deserving of a spot in these squads. One even found a way to bring the GOAT debate into this and compared LeBron James' competition against Michael Jordan's.

2000s looking tuff

Howard over Davis all day

Y’all put Harden and AD the team 2010’s but not Kawhi🙄

Bron should be 00s 10s and 20s

90s v 20s would be OUT OF THIS WORLD

I’m replacing harden with wade

2010’s got no defense except Lebron

I guess Wade should either replace ai or harden 🧐

I’d replace Nash with Jason Kidd but that’s just me 🤷🏽‍♂️

That 2010s team is an offensive juggernaut

Why is Magic at the 2? & why isn’t Bron in 2000-2020? & no Dwight?

2010s but replace Ad with Kawhi and that small ball lineup destroys

How the hell is Kareem not in the 80s too ?

10s are killing the 20s and 60s are killing the 70s

Y’all can’t look at this and tell me Jordan faced harder competition than Lebron. Yet y’all Jordan Stans are gonna say otherwise

2020s still Steph at PG, by a landslide

Bruh replace Harden with Wade and Ad with Howard

2000s.. 2010 is up there but give Kobe a player like TD? It’s a wrap.. AD, yes PRIME PELICANS AD, would get hurt for 2-3 games of a 7 game series

90 for sure

No Chris Paul lol what a joke

2010s easily

Jason kidd>nash all day everyday

As you can see, most NBA fans are never satisfied with the things they see online, and this was another proof of that. One can agree with some of their claims, but that wasn't the question that ClutchPoints asked in the first place. 

Well, these duels would have been memorable, although some teams would be favorites to win it all due to several factors. A tournament with all these teams would be incredible, but sadly, we'll never be able to watch it.