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NBA Fans Debate Which Team Is The Most "Fraudulent" And Will Disappoint In The Playoffs: "I Hate To Say It, But The Bulls."

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Chicago Bulls Fall To 2-22 Against Playoff Teams This Season: Have A Lower Win Percentage Than Worst NBA Record Of All Time

There are definitely times when fantastic regular-season teams end up disappointing in the playoffs. We all know that regular-season and playoff basketball can be very different and that means that some teams that perform well in the regular season setting get much worse in the playoffs.

The 2021-22 playoffs are coming up, and naturally, fans are excited to discuss the possibilities of how the postseason will unfold. Reddit user JebBushier recently put up a post asking fans which team is the most "fraudulent" and "likely to disappoint in the playoffs".

Looking at the current standings, who do you see as the team most likely to disappoint in the playoffs?

A lot of fans had something to say on the subject. There was a mix of answers, with a lot of fans notably thinking that the Chicago Bulls will end up disappointing everyone in the playoffs.

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There is some evidence that points to the Chicago Bulls potentially having a tough time in the playoffs. As of March 19th, the Chicago Bulls are 0-15 against the top 3 teams in both conferences. That is a red flag in terms of the playoffs, as one will generally be facing top-tier opposition in the postseason. However, things could definitely turn out different than they did in the regular season for the Chicago Bulls.

Some other answers from fans included the Utah Jazz, who disappointed last season, and the Memphis Grizzlies, who are newer contenders. It's easy to see why one would think either team could disappoint. The Memphis Grizzlies don't have a ton of playoff experience, while the Utah Jazz have fallen short for the last few playoffs.

We'll see how things end up shaking out in the postseason. This really seems like it could be any team's year. Hopefully, the playoffs end up being fantastic, and what's certain is that there are a lot of talented teams that have a chance of winning it all.