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NBA Fans React To LeBron James' New Haircut: "This Is Our GOAT."

NBA Fans React To LeBron James' New Haircut: "This Is Our GOAT."

LeBron James is the face of the NBA, so naturally, when he does something to his face, people take notice. LeBron has looked much the same for the last few seasons, keeping a nice beard and extremely trimmed hair. His hair has been a topic of conversation that is sometimes even used to roast King James, as Stephon Marbury once did while talking about him. 

A large part of the jokes about LeBron stems from the fact that he's had quite a bald spot for a while. As naturally gifted as he is in every aspect, his hair is where King James doesn't have it perfect; his hairline has been receding for ages now. And he seemingly recently gave up on trying to maintain it, finally shaving off the little bits that he used to keep around and went completely bald. 

LeBron shared a photo on Instagram showing off his new look, and it garnered quite a bit of attention from people. Considering how many jokes have been made about it, this was to be expected, and fans had a bit of a field day with it. 

NBA Fans Had A Lot To Say About LeBron James' New Hairstyle

Reactions to anything and everything happening in the NBA world are very common, fans are very tuned in to what is happening during the offseason as well. And LeBron James finally committing to being bald is an absolute bombshell, one that led to reactions that are creative in addition to being quite hilarious. 

"This is our GOAT."

"It's finally happened, LeBald is here."

"Thank God he finally embraced it."

"This is why LeBron James is the greatest of all time."

"It's over now, Bron about to average fifty."

"Oh damn, I never thought he'd actually do it."

"That's it. It's over for the rest of the league."

"Bro I love LeBron, he's so goofy lmao."

"He finally let it go!"

"I kid you not, I have been waiting a decade for Bron to finally go bald."

"Bro finally gave up on that hairline."

"King of the bald people."

"LeBron finally looking like MJ, yo."

"Is Skip Bayless losing his mind yet?"

"He’s finally accepted that he’s bald, I'm here for it."

It's a testament to how influential LeBron James is that even a haircut can provoke such passionate responses from fans of the NBA. Not much has changed now that LeBron James is finally rocking the bald look, but perhaps the fans are right and it's a sign that he's ready to let go of everything and take over again.