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NBA Fans Think Mysterious Person Had A Weapon During LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart Scuffle

NBA Fans Think Mysterious Person Had A Weapon During LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart Scuffle

Via Total Pro Sports

Pandemonium broke out at Little Caesars Arena when the Detroit Pistons hosted the Los Angeles Lakers. What started as a beautiful game of basketball took a turn early in the second half.

While battling for a rebound, LeBron James swung his left arm, which caught Isaiah Stewart in the face, and the youngster was not going to take that lying down. He was ready to have a piece of LeBron but was eventually held down after several attempts.

The ruckus on the floor was enough to grab people's attention, but a fan who made his way courtside had an object in his pocket, which has made social media wonder what he was carrying. Although many believe it was a gun, the mysterious individual was stopped by security from advancing further into the court.

Things settled down shortly after, giving the officials time to review the incident and give their ruling. LeBron was tossed from the game for a flagrant 2 foul as his contact was deemed unnecessary, while Stewart was also ejected after receiving two technicals for his conduct. Russell Westbrook, who was pictured ready to fight was also issued one technical for his role in escalating the situation.

The game ended in favor of the Lakers, who fought back from a 17-point deficit late in the game. Inspiring performances from Westbrook, Anthony Davis, and Carmelo Anthony made that possible.

LBJ ended the game with 10 points and 4 rebounds in his second game after missing eight games due to an abdominal injury. Upon further review, LeBron was given a one-game suspension while Stewart, who needed five stitches, will be suspended for two games.

The Lakers will host the Pistons at Staples Center on November 29. Hopefully, both players would have put the incident behind them, and we will have a more peaceful contest.