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NBA Insider Denies Rumors Of Damian Lillard Wanting To Play With Ben Simmons: "From Lillard Side, I’m Told, None Of That’s True, That Lillard Has Not Expressed Any Interest In Acquiring Ben Simmons."

Damian Lillard

It has been an eventful start to the week, as rumors focused on the Portland Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard have been flying around. These rumors are born out of former GM Neil Olshey's firing, which might cause a shift in the organization's approach to competing.

For the longest time, Lillard has said he wants to compete for a championship and be more than just a playoff team. They have qualified for the playoffs every year since the 2013-14 season but have only reached the Conference Finals once.

Although Lillard has expressed his desire to win a championship with the organization, he deserves no blame if he decides to eventually leave as it is every player's dream to win a championship before they retire.

It was reported that Lillard was interested in playing with Ben Simmons, and it seemed like the Philadelphia guard liked the idea. But Lillard immediately reacted to the rumor making the rounds, calling it "drama."

A few hours later, ESPN's Adran Wojnarowski reported that Lillard wanted a two-year $107 million extension, which the All-Star guard has also called hogwash.

On the Crossover NBA Show with Chris Mannix and Howard Beck, Mannix said that none of the rumors are true.

From 4:40:

"From Lillard side, I’m told, none of that’s true, that Lillard has not expressed any interest in acquiring Ben Simmons and that since he’s not eligible for a max extension, yet, there haven’t been those discussions either."

The instability in the Trail Blazers camp is cause for concern, as people are starting to question their time with the organization. CJ McCollum, who has been linked in the trade rumors for Simmons, is also starting to worry about his position with the team now that Olshey is gone.

Nonetheless, the franchise needs to find a way to get things under control and focus on winning. The Blazers are currently ranked 10th in the Western Conference standings with an 11-14 run and are on a three-game losing streak.