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NBA Trainer Explains Why LeBron James Is The GOAT

NBA Trainer Chris Brickley Explains Why LeBron James Is The GOAT

LeBron James is 37 years old and one of the oldest players in the league. But at the same time, he remains one of the best players in the NBA as well. Last season, most thought James would finally start to decline. Instead, he had a great year and dominated the NBA in a way that has never been seen before by a year 19 player.

Evidently, he once again improved his case for being considered as the GOAT of basketball by fans. Of course, had he made the playoffs and led the Lakers to an NBA title, his case would have gotten much stronger.

He will have a chance at doing so this season as the Lakers are continuously making efforts to improve the roster and help LeBron in getting another ring before he retires from the NBA.

LeBron James Is Amazing At Everything

If we put aside James' accolades for a minute and simply take a look at his ability to play basketball, there's hardly any player who is more complete than the King. He can shoot, score, pass, rebound, and defend.

In simple terms, James is a player that every organization wants to have on their team to increase their chances of succeeding in the NBA. On that note, NBA trainer Chris Brickley recently explained why he thinks that LeBron James is the GOAT of basketball.

"When I first started working out with LeBron, first thing I did - I went to Synergy, broke down his game, looked at all the analytics and found out the strengths and weaknesses of his game. For me, to see probably the greatest player in my opinion, to be able to find something that he's not amazing at, and then see what he thinks about it and that we're both on the same page, that's dope."

The trainer has worked with James, so obviously, he is aware of the King's game's basics.

So if there's one thing that almost every NBA fan accepts is the fact that James has honed his game in almost every department. And that's what makes him so dangerous, as he can impact the game in several ways.