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Rapper Gunna Explains What 'Pushin P' Means After Serge Ibaka Wondered What It Meant

Rapper Gunna Explains What 'Pushin P' Means After Serge Ibaka Wondered What It Meant

A lot of NBA players have a great love for hip hop. Many NBA players are often seen listening and vibing to hip-hop music before and after their games, and sometimes even during, as Russell Westbrook once started crip-walking in the middle of the game when he heard G’d Up by Tha Eastsidaz playing during a game.

On top of that, rappers and players often hang out with each other. Rappers like Drake and Kanye West, among many others, have been spotted hanging out with NBA players off the court and attending games across the country to show their support for their friends who are playing in the league.

But one NBA player had a unique interaction with a rapper, as he tried to understand what he meant. Gunna’s album DS4Ever has a song called ‘Pushin P’ that has since gone viral, with many fans using the phrase online. The phrase has become a real trend among hip-hop circles, but Serge Ibaka was not entirely sure what it meant.

So in order to clear up his confusions, Ibaka took to Twitter and Instagram to ask what ‘Pushin P’ meant. Ibaka got a reply from Gunna in his Instagram DMs, who told him it’s about ‘keepin it playa’. Ibaka shared this reply with the world, stating that he now understood what the phrase meant.

This was a truly hilarious moment for NBA and hip-hop fans to witness. Ibaka asked what quite a few fans were wondering, and got his answer for it. But this is far from the only interaction between rappers and NBA players. Recently, Drake and former Raptors star Kyle Lowry played one-on-one after the Miami Heat game.

Perhaps now that Ibaka knows what ‘Pushin P’ means, he will be incorporating it into his everyday language. But one can hardly imagine a scenario where Ibaka will have the opportunity to use the phrase in its correct context.