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Rob Perez: "Dennis Schroder Is Worth 100 Million But In Pesos."

Rob Perez- "Dennis Schroder Is Worth 100 Million But In Pesos."

Dennis Schroder was probably one of the Lakers' most hyped-up acquisitions this past summer. His offensive skillset is well-known throughout the community, thanks to his stints in Atlanta and Oklahoma City.

But since arriving in L.A., he hasn't quite lived up to expectations, and disappointment reached an all-time low on Wednesday night.

With his team fighting for their playoff lives, the starting guard put up just 12 points and 5 assists on 3-14 shooting.

Amid a firestorm of critics on Twitter, Rob Perez took a particularly heavy shot at Schroder, pointing back to a report back in March that the guard is looking for a deal close to $100 million in the offseason.

Certainly, Dennis has not lived up to that paycheck so far. While he has had a positive impact on the Lakers, he hasn't produced at the level the team had hoped.

And now, with higher stakes, he continues to be inefficient, and fans continue to lay into him for it.

At the end of the day, the Lakers were able to take care of business, and there is still time for Schroder to get his act together.

But Lakers fans can often be unforgiving, and some players have to find that out the hard way...