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Robin Lopez On People Mistaking Him For Twin Brother Brook: "I've Been Congratulated So Many Times On Winning A Championship This Summer. I Don't Want To Hurt Anybody's Feelings, So I've Just Been Saying Thanks."



Robin Lopez has gotten many congratulations in the past couple of weeks after his twin brother Brook won the 2021 NBA championship with the Milwaukee Bucks. 

They played together in Milwaukee during the 2019/20 NBA season before taking separate ways to continue their careers. Robin played for the Orlando Magic last season while Brook kept going in Milwaukee. 

The older twin helped the Bucks clinch their first championship in 50 years, having remarkable performances on the way to the title. That's why so many people have nice things to say to him. The problem is that sometimes they're speaking to Robin, who doesn't want to make anybody feel bad. 

Recently, the younger twin shared on Twitter that people are always congratulating him for the title. He just says 'thank you' to not break people's hearts. 

I've been congratulated so many times on winning a championship this summer. I don't want to hurt anybodys feelings, so I've just been saying thanks. It's gotten to the point where I feel like I*have* won and I pensively ask myself "Is that all there is...?"

Unfortunately, you can't win the championship by extension in the NBA, not even if you're a twin. Robin will try to help a young Magic team next season while his brother is ready to defend the championship in a stacked Eastern Conference.