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Russell Westbrook Opens Up On His Struggles With Lakers: "I Know I’m The One Who Has Got To Make The Biggest Sacrifice."

Russell Westbrook Opens Up On His Struggles With Lakers: "I Know I’m The One Who Has Got To Make The Biggest Sacrifice."

It's not a secret that Russell Westbrook is struggling to find his place on the Los Angeles Lakers. After becoming one of the biggest moves of the offseason, the former NBA MVP isn't having a good season with the Purple and Gold, earning plenty of criticism due to his bad performances. 

NBA fans even started asking the team to trade him away and some debated the best destination for the point guard. Nevertheless, the Lakers are still optimistic that they can turn things around and be a competitive team with Westbrook, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. 

Russ has repeatedly stated he feels fine doing what he does, reminding people that he's been successful with his style of play. Yet, this time things are looking harder for him, and sacrifices need to be made if he wants to find success with the Lakers this season. 

Talking with Sam Amick of The Athletic, Westbrook admitted that the team is trying to make adjustments, but he's the one that needs to make the biggest sacrifice if they want to win. 

To hear Westbrook and James tell it, there’s a human element that is proving quite problematic at the moment. They all agreed to sacrifice back in the summer, when Westbrook came to James’ house and discussed these sorts of things before the deal with Washington went down. But as is always the case in situations like these, those choices are always easier to stomach when they lead to success that everyone can enjoy. The losing, however, has a tendency to complicate matters on that front.

“We’re all trying to figure it out as a team, as a unit, to be able to say, ‘Ok, how can we figure this out?’” Westbrook said in our chat. “And I know I’m the one who has got to make the biggest sacrifice — and I understand that — so I’ve got to be able to figure out a way to be able to make the best out of it and make the best for this team and that’s it.”

He's happy to be back in Los Angeles with his family and even considers that bigger than basketball. Brodie has stated he's not chasing a championship and even if he doesn't win it, he'll be fine. That didn't sit well with fans, who keep asking for him to be traded. 

Russ is struggling to impact the game, and the Lakers don't seem able to complete a trade that includes the point guard. Therefore, they need to figure things out before it's too late. The Lakers are surviving this season thanks to LeBron James and it's time for Brodie to step up and show he can be a valuable piece for his team.