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Scottie Pippen: 'Jayson Tatum Can Be The Best Player On A Title Team'

(via Hardwood Houdini)

(via Hardwood Houdini)

The Boston Celtics rebounded quickly from the departure of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Thanks to the brilliance of Danny Ainge and the rest of the front-office, the team, once again, finds themselves as major players in the Eastern Conference.

But do they have enough to win a title as presently constructed?

Some have their doubts, but former Bulls star Scottie Pippen insisted on ESPN's "The Jump" that with Jayson Tatum as their best player, they have what they need to take a step forward in the East.

Is Tatum already, now, capable of being the best player on a championship team?

"I really do. I think this has been a breakout season for Tatum. He started out this season on a mission to separate himself from the other players who have grown and developed as well and has shown some leadership by becoming an All-Star this season. But his scoring was really starting to peak right there he had, again, separated himself a little bit from the other players to show that he was going to be the go-to guy, the offensive leader for that team. And I think if this team were to make a run, they'd have to rely on Tatum's ability to carry them offensively."

This season marked his first time being named an All-Star, averaging 23.6 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 2.9 assists per game on 44.8% shooting.

While the Celtics have had a lot of ups and downs all season long, they have a respectable 43-21 record and a 3rd place standing in the East. Tatum is doing his job, but are his teammates going to provide enough support to carry them through the postseason? That much remains to be seen, but there's no reason not to give them the benefit of the doubt.