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Scottie Pippen Says Michael Jordan Wouldn't Have Made The 1996 Finals Without Him

Scottie Pippen Claims He Was A Much Better Teammate Than Michael Jordan Ever Was: "Michael Was Wrong. We Didn't Win Six Championships Because He Got On Guys. We Won Because We Played Team Basketball."

As we all know, Scottie Pippen isn't holding anything back. He's made bold statements on his time with the Chicago Bulls, taking shots at Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson. 

The Bulls legend recently claimed Phil Jackson was racist for favoring Toni Kukoc over him to take the last shot in a playoff game and exposing Kobe Bryant after he stopped being the Los Angeles Lakers head coach. 

Scottie is making the headlines thanks to his controversial remarks, and he's not stopping. In a recent edition of The Dan Patrick Show, he claimed Michael Jordan wouldn't have made it to the 1996 NBA Finals without him. Talking about his career in Seattle (if he wasn't traded), Pippen said (16:36):

"I would have had some pretty good teammates, especially if we were still landing Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton. It is a team we played in the Finals. So, that sort of fit.”

When the host said that Michael against a trio of Pippen, Kemp and Payton, the legendary forward wasn't convinced that his former teammate could have done that job by himself. 

“I don’t know if he (Jordan) would have made it that far. If you know what I mean. I’m just saying.”

Pippen apparently wants to remove that 'sidekick' tag by saying anything he can to convince people he was as valuable as Michael Jordan for the Bulls. He's not taking the best path to do so, but Scottie seems comfortable with that.