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Seattle Mayor Says "Odds Are High" For The Return Of The SuperSonics

Kevin Durant

In 2008, the SuperSonics played their final game in Seattle. Months later, after a busy summer, they found themselves in a new home: Oklahoma City.

The Sonics have since become a distant memory, with many fans (especially those in the Northwest) being left with only thoughts and memories to keep the team alive.

The status of a revival for Seattle basketball has long been speculated, but the city's Mayor, Bruce Harrell, says the chances are high that the SuperSonics might make a return.

(via Fan Nation)

An NBA spokesperson denied the validity of Bill Simmons' recent comments about an ownership group in Las Vegas involving superstar LeBron James after he was to retire. However, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell is "actively engaging" to get professional basketball to return to the city.

"The odds are high," Mayor Harrell said on Wednesday. "We're very intentional about it. I chase down rumors and I chase down actual people in a position to make that happen. I feel good about our opportunity."

Seattle is a city that loves basketball and loved its team. While they have seen limited success over the years, former SuperSonics players rave about their experience there.

"I felt like the world ended in Seattle," said Gary Payton. "Because that city and them fans don't deserve that. They don't deserve it. And I've been working very hard to get it back. We're gonna try and get an expansion team and I think. the expansion team is gonna happen. I think with Adam Silver, he knows that we're gonna add some teams and I think Seattle is one of them teams that he's going to add and I think that they deserve it. As getting a new hockey team there as the Krakens right now and making the arena that they just built there. I think it's something that the NBA has to look at. And then I think at the opening of the Krakens in NHL season that Adam Silver was there and he was in the facility. So I think it's going to happen and when it happens it's gonna be a great thing."

An NBA expansion has been teased for years now, and the likelihood of it happening only increased in the aftermath of the COVID-ravaged 2020 season.

Perhaps, over the next few years, we'll find out more about the SuperSonics revival.

Until then, basketball fans in the beautiful state of Washington will have to keep waiting for the right opportunity.