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Shaquille O’Neal Claims Tyler Herro Is On The Same Level As Luka Doncic And Trae Young, Charles Barkley Disagrees

Shaquille O’Neal Claims Tyler Herro Is On The Same Level As Luka Doncic And Trae Young, Charles Barkley Disagrees

When speaking of the best young players in the NBA, most fans will mention the likes of Luka Doncic, Trae Young, or Ja Morant. There are several amazingly talented players in the NBA but the above-mentioned three players are probably in a league of their own.

Another young NBA star who is heading towards stardom is none other than Tyler Herro. But there is a huge difference between Herro and the other young superstars, the Heat star has assumed the role of a bench player. No doubt that he can probably flourish as a starter as well, but being the 6th man has improved his stats so much.

He proved that throughout the 2021-22 regular season and is now doing the same in the postseason as well. Herro is a key player in the Heat system and they rely on him to take over the scoring duties after coming off the bench.

Seeing such amazing performances from Tyler has mesmerized the NBA legend turned analyst Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq is so impressed that he said that Herro is at the level of Luka and Trae. Upon hearing this claim from O'Neal, Charles Barkley provided a counterpoint and the two analysts got into an argument.

Shaquille O'Neal: "Anybody who talks like that and then comes out and plays like that, you gotta believe him. So he said, 'Look you guys are always marveling Trae and marveling Luka, you need to marvel me.' And we all are marveling him right now."

Charles Barkley: "First of all, the kid's a heck of player but he's not in the same category as those guys."

Shaquille O'Neal: "Yes he is."

Charles Barkley: "It's a little bit different when you are coming off the bench, number one. Playing against bench players instead of having to go out there and lead a team every night. ... I think the kid's a heck of player but coming off the bench, playing against bench guys is not the same as going out there every night and having to get 25-30 points and lead your team."

Shaq is usually spot on with his takes and that's what most fans admire the most about him. But this time around we have to agree with Chuck.

It's true that Herro is an amazing player and could become a superstar in the future. But as things stand as of now, he is not in the same category as Luka or Trae. The latter lot has the responsibility to lead their respective teams in each game and are ridiculed if they fail to do so.

On the other hand, if Herro has a bad game, the Heat have other players that can pick up the slack and lead the team to victory.