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Shaquille O'Neal Shared A Clip Of Rudy Gobert Failing To Guard A Player In France's EuroBasket Game

Shaquille O'Neal Shared A Clip Of Rudy Gobert Failing To Guard A Player In France's EuroBasket Game

Shaquille O'Neal was a ruthless beast on the court. He would show no mercy to any of his opponents, bullying them with his sheer size and talent. Shaq was a behemoth on the court, and he knew it and made full use of it. Well, retirement may have changed Shaq, but not all that much. O'Neal is still just as ruthless of the court as he used to be on it in his prime. 

Shaq has become a businessman, making moves to increase his already sizeable wealth. But primarily, among his many professions and passions, O'Neal is an NBA analyst, part of arguably the most loved basketball show on television. And in his capacity as an analyst, Shaq gives out unfiltered takes on today's NBA players, some of which do not go over quite well. 

O'Neal himself received a lot of guidance from the greats before him, so his attempt is always to do the same for this generation. However, it's not always perceived that way and it doesn't even feel like it at some points, especially when it comes to his criticisms of Rudy Gobert. The two have beefed in recent memory, and it seems Shaq isn't done taking shots at the new Timberwolves man. 

Shaquille O'Neal Made An Instagram Story of Rudy Gobert Getting Scored On During France's Game

France played a Round-of-16 game against Turkey, which went right down to the wire. The game went to OT and France barely won by a point, although Gobert did put up some good numbers during the game. Shaq's attention was just on one moment, though, when a Turkish player hit Gobert with some moves and scored on him, something he shared on his Instagram story

It's no secret that O'Neal doesn't think very highly of Gobert. He has mentioned in the past that he can't believe how much money Gobert is making, a gripe that seems common across all old heads of the game. But it also seems to be coming from a place of wanting Rudy to be better than he is; there are some limitations to Gobert's game. 

It's unlikely that Gobert will dignify this with a response, as he has bigger matters on his mind at the moment. But it will serve as a reminder that there are people out there still waiting to watch him fail, and that his move to Minnesota needs to work out great if he wants to avoid further ridicule once the NBA season starts.