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Skip Bayless Predicts How Many Wins LeBron James And Bronny Would Have On The Same Team

LeBron James Confirms He Wants To Play With Bronny James In The NBA: “That’s Definitely One Of My Goals, But That’s A Long-Term Goal."

LeBron James is currently sidelined with a knee injury, demonstrating that father time is seemingly catching up with him this season. The King turned 37 in December, and even though he keeps thriving, his body isn't the same it used to be. 

Still, the 4x NBA champion has big plans for his future, as he still aspires to win more championships and increase his legend in the association. One of Bron's future plans involves his first son, Bronny, who could make it to the league in a couple of seasons. 

James is hopeful that he can be around when that time comes and share touches with Bronny on any team in the league. If that happens, LeBron and Bronny would make history. 

The King has already expressed his desire to play together with Bronny in the league, and that idea seems to be more likely every season. Even though he's dealing with injuries right now, LeBron can still play at the highest level for a couple of more seasons. 

In recent days, we've learned that LBJ is willing to leave Los Angeles to play with his son, and some people started to predict where he'll land if that happens. Kyle Kuzma trolled his former teammate by saying he would go to Oklahoma City given all the picks they have for the future

Moreover, Skip Bayless predicted the record of a hypothetical team that features the likes of LeBron and his firstborn. 

Bayless doesn't have the highest expectations for a tandem of LeBron and Bronny (unsurprisingly), claiming that a team with the two James would be way below the .500 mark. 

Bronny + Bron in Year 21 = 30-52.

This prediction comes as no surprise, as the Fox Sports analyst is the biggest LeBron James hater on earth. However, seeing that teams that draft lottery picks are always going through a rebuilding, it's not that crazy to think that they would post this record even with one of the greatest players of all-time on the roster. 

Bronny is set to graduate from high school in 2023. Some say he would go straight from high school to the association if the rules change, but that's speculation. Still, LeBron is playing incredible basketball and he can still make an impact on a team. If he and Bronny team up in the association, no matter what their record is, it would be incredible to see.