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Skip Bayless Sparks Outrage After Calling Stephen Curry 'Light Skinned' On Undisputed: "He Got So Light-Skinned In The Finals I Couldn’t See Him Anymore, Because He Turned Into A Ghost..."

Skip Bayless

As a long-standing member of the NBA media world, Skip Bayless is one of the most recognizable faces on television. Whether it's for his intense debates or controversial opinions, the guy has been relevant in the broadcasting business for decades.

But this weekend, Skip is on fire for some comments he recently made on Friday's episode of Undisputed.

“I don’t care what Twitter says, I don’t care what anyone says, I just know what I did and did not see from little light-skinned Steph,” he said. "There have been too many times when he got so light-skinned in the Finals I couldn’t see him any more, because he turned into a ghost. He just went ‘Poof!’ right before your very eyes.”

Fans were less than pleased to hear Mr. Bayless call out Steph's skin tone like that, and many of them made sure to let him hear it.

This isn't the only scandal Skip currently finds himself in. He's also in the middle of a little feud with Stephen A. Smith, who had to defend himself against outrage after Skip called him out on Twitter.

"I didn't lie about a damn thing," said Stephen A. "This is nothing more than a misunderstanding. As I've stated on many occasions, Skip Bayless made First Take. He carried it on his back for years. And when he asked me to come on, he needed me because he carried the show on his back for years. He needed a permanent Host. He asked & chose ME."

"Because of HIS decision, I've enjoyed the success I have. Because of him, I've become what I've become on ESPN. Skip Bayless is my BROTHER! I will always love this man and I will always be grateful. No matter how far I continue to climb, I have HIM to THANK. My comments about the state of First Take at that time is what I was told. It certainly wasn't meant to slight my brother."

Skip has a lot of connections in the media world. He has been in the business for a long, long time and it shows when he's in front of a camera.

But his experience does not shield him from controversies. In fact, it only exposes them further. And while he should come out of all this okay, he may have to apologize to the fans if he's ever to truly get over this latest blunder.