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Spurs Guard Dejounte Murray Goes Viral After Tweeting Picture Of Zach LaVine In Spurs Jersey

Zach LaVine

After losing in the play-in, San Antonio has to resort to watching the postseason from home. Despite the greatness of Gregg Popovich, and the talents of a promising roster, the Spurs failed to contend for the playoffs for the third year in a row.

With no clear vision for the future, many fans are worried that a long era of mediocrity could lie ahead for the Texas-based ball club.

But on Thursday, young point guard Dejounte Murray posted a picture (it has since been deleted) on Twitter that got the whole community talking.

It features Zach LaVine in Spurs threads.

Zach LaVine, 27, is a young and athletic guard who led Chicago to the 6th seed in the East. In 67 games this season, he averaged 24.4 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game on 47% shooting.

He's a great player who would make a great addition to the Spurs.

The only problem is that there are no hints that such a scenario is even close to happening right now. In fact, back in October, it was pretty much confirmed that LaVine is likely a long-term member of the organization.

"I’d say every indication I’ve been given both internally from his side and the organization is this is a match made to move forward together," said Bulls repoorter K.C. Johnson. "I don’t think you expend the draft capital this regime has doled out in the Vucevic trade and the DeRozan acquisition without doing everything in your power to appease your No. 1 player and to try and win now. We know the Bulls have the ability to pay him more than any other franchise. There’s also not a lot of cap space out there this summer. With the funky situations with Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving, are there some All-NBA spots up for grabs in the backcourt in the league? If he earns that distinction, he’s super-max eligible. There are a million reasons why I think he’s going to be here long-term. He has really embraced being the face of the franchise ever since the Jimmy Butler trade, even when they were bad."

Whether Murray has some intel on LaVine or he was just simply letting his imagination run wild, somebody must have told him the tweet was a bad idea, as he took it down just moments after letting it go live.

Regardless, the Tweet got a lot of fans thinking. LaVine is set to be a free agent, after all. If negotiations go awry with the Bulls, it's possible that the Spurs could get something lined up.

Ultimately, we'll just have to wait and see.