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Stephen Curry And Ayesha Curry Have Renewed Their Marriage Vows

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Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry during their wedding vow renewal ceremony

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry have been married since 2011. Ten years is certainly a long time, and it is great to see their marriage stay strong. They have been an iconic couple for quite some time now. There's no doubt that they seem quite happy to be with one another based on what we've seen on the media, and it looks as though they have taken another step to celebrate their bond with one another.

Ayesha Curry has recently shared an Instagram post that revealed that Stephen Curry surprised her with a vow renewal ceremony, featuring his daughter Riley as the official for the occasion, and Curry's sons Ryan and Canon walking Ayesha Curry through their back yard. Generally, a vow renewal ceremony refers to a married couple reaffirming their commitment to each other. It seems as though that is what happened here, and Ayesha Curry mentions in the caption that this is a moment she "will never forget".

There is no doubt that it's good to see Stephen Curry organize this for Ayesha Curry, and hopefully, their relationship continues to bring joy to both of them. Perhaps their affection for one another will become even stronger. Ayesha Curry also posted another photo of the ceremony with a simple one-word caption: "smitten". 

The Currys are a celebrity couple that many fans have grown to love, and there's no doubt that there are plenty of people who continue to root for their shared success as partners. 

The most important thing in a relationship is happiness, and it seems as though both Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry are in love with one another and happy with their partnership, and it looks as though they are committed to bringing each other happiness for many years into the future.