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Stephen Curry Has Had 5 Of The 6 Worst Shooting Performances Of His Career In Just This Season

Stephen Curry Has Had 5 Of The 6 Worst Shooting Performances Of His Career Just In This Season

Stephen Curry is not only the best shooter of this generation but for many the best ever to step on an NBA court. The Golden State Warriors' superstar's resume speaks volumes about his ability to shoot the ball with consistency.

Moreover, he was off to a great start this season. He and the Warriors were dominating the league with ease. But recently that type of domination is missing from Curry and co. So much so that Russell Westbrook, who is considered a bad shooter, has a better field goal percentage than Steph.

Despite all the criticism, Curry refuses to give a damn about his shooting slump. Majorly, he refused to give any excuses for his recent shooting slump. While it is a great attitude from the two-time MVP, the numbers are against him.

Currently, he is averaging 41.6% from the field and just 37.6% from beyond the 3-point line. If it were a different player, there might not have been a huge point of discussion, but by Steph's standards, these numbers are peanuts compared to his career averages.

Digging more into his stats for this season, popular Twitter account "StatMuse" brought an unwanted number for Curry to highlight in its recent tweet. The tweet read:

"Worst shooting performances of Steph Curry’s career (min 20 attempts): 4-21 FG (this season) 5-24 FG (this season) 5-21 FG (this season) 5-21 FG (in 2010) 7-28 FG (this season) 5-20 FG (this season)* *He was 1-13 from three tonight."

These are truly surprising numbers for a player of Curry's stature. Additionally, this is the first time in Steph's long career that fans are seeing the Warriors superstar struggle so much while shooting.

While the two things might not be relevant, since breaking the all-time 3-points made record, Curry has struggled to shoot the ball with consistency.

The only good news for the Dubs is the fact that even with Steph struggling they are still holding the number 2 spot in the Western Conference with a record of 34-13 as of now.

This will provide the "Baby Faced Assassin" with a chance to get back in rhythm before inevitably the 2022 NBA postseason commences.