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Stephen Curry Has Had A Spectacular Season: NBA Scoring Champion And A Record Breaker

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At the start of the season, there are many pundits who counted Stephen Curry out. After all, Klay Thompson got a serious injury prior to the start of the season, and many doubted the Golden State Warriors' ability to even get to the playoffs. While they clearly had some talent next to Stephen Curry in Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, few thought that Curry could elevate this roster to being a winning team.

However, despite all the noise, Stephen Curry has managed to bring this Golden State Warriors team to an 8th seed, all while winning the NBA's scoring title and breaking plenty of records on the way. Needless to say, all those who thought that Stephen Curry can't succeed without a superteam were proven wrong. Stephen Curry has had a stellar individual season, and the Golden State Warriors look set to compete again with Thompson's return.

Whenever one's name is mentioned with Michael Jordan in a basketball setting, that probably means that the player is doing something spectacular. The fact that Stephen Curry won the scoring title at 33 speaks plenty about just how special of a superstar he is. He has broken the Warriors' all-time scoring record as well and leads the league in 3PT shots made. Stephen Curry has stepped up in a big way and helped the Warriors finish the season with a winning record. But, the job isn't quite done yet.

Stephen Curry will face LeBron James in a play-in game ahead of the playoffs. The winner will ascend to the 7th seed, while the loser has to play another game to determine whether they will be the 8th seed or out of the playoffs. There is obviously a lot at stake for both teams. The superstars aren't strangers with facing off against one another. As the Tweet mentions, they have met each other in the playoffs 5 times in the last 7 years.

While the task ahead would be daunting for most players, even superstars, Stephen Curry is no stranger to winning in the postseason. Stephen Curry is a spectacular player, who can explode offensively during any given game. If there is anyone who could potentially pull of an upset in a single game, it would be Stephen Curry