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Stephen Curry Praises Gary Payton II: "He’s The Tallest 6-3 Guy In The World. He Plays Way Above His Height. Defensively, He Can Do Some Pretty Crazy Things."

Gary Payton Impressed With Son's Displays With Golden State Warriors: “I’m So Proud Of What He’s Doing. It’s Been Six Years.”

It has been all hands on deck for the Golden State Warriors this season, as every player on their roster has performed at an incredibly high level. Of the numerous young talents on the team, Gary Payton II stands out.

Gary Payton is a Seattle SuperSonics legend, popularly called "The Glove" for his defensive abilities. While he passed that down to his son, Payton II has added a little extra to his game.

The Warriors point guard has been superb for the team defensively, leading the team in Defensive Box Plus/Minus (3.4) but has also been a high-flier on the offensive end. For a guy that is 6'3", he knows how to take flight.

Steph, who just surpassed Ray Allen's three-point record to be crowned the league's best shooter, will rarely be caught dunking the ball, but he knows an elite-level dunker when he sees one. The way Payton II attacks the rim is mind-blowing, and Steph acknowledges the fact.

Via Golden State Warriors official Twitter page:

"He’s the tallest 6-3 guy in the world. He plays way above his height. Defensively, he can do some pretty crazy things."

Although the hype is around Steph and the potential return of Klay Thompson, Payton II is one of the guys who are doing the gritty work but are not getting as much recognition. He is a significant contributor on both ends of the floor, especially defensively. Despite playing only 15 minutes per game, he averages 1.2 steals behind Steph and Draymond Green.

Steph has steered clear of the rim and has been getting it done from beyond the arc. His three-point attempts are almost double of his two-point attempts, most of which are layups. So far this season, he is averaging 27.9 points, 5.3 rebounds, 5.9 assists, and 1.6 steals while shooting 39.9% from deep on 13.5 attempts per game.