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Steven Adams On Getting Kicked In The Groin By Draymond Green: "The Pain On That One Mate, Was The Worst, The Absolute Worst..."

(via Movie TV Tech Geeks News)

(via Movie TV Tech Geeks News)

Pelicans center Steven Adams is a pretty cool character. Whether it's his humble interactions with teammates or his hilarious candid response to the media, he has always been a fan favorite.

But perhaps one of the most famous career moments came in the 2016 Western Finals, when Adams fell victim to a nasty kick in the nads by Draymond Green. Whether intentional or on purpose, it was a moment that drew a lot of backlash from the NBA community at the time (along with some innocent laughter).

Now, almost five years later, Adams finally took some time to explain the situation in a hilarious segment on "The Old Man & The Three."

“This is like what I’m famous for I guess.. The pain on that one mate, was the worst, the absolute worst.. I ain’t even mad at the KD thing, I was just mad at the nut check.”

Getting kicked in the groin by a 230-pound man can't feel good, and Adams seemed to confirm as much.

Unfortunately, those types of sketchy plays have become a bit of a signature for Draymond, who has always been a controversial player.

For Adams, he's got other things to worry about now. As he works to get the Pelicans into the postseason, he's going to have to play at his best. At least he doesn't have to worry about low blows anymore, though...