The Full Video Of Phoenix Suns Fan Fighting Against Two Denver Nuggets Fans

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Last week, while the Phoenix Suns and the Denver Nuggets battle for a chance to make the 2021 Western Conference Finals, a video of three fans fighting in the stands went viral. 

One Suns fan beat two Nuggets fans who tried to bully him, making it clear that he wasn't a weak person. The video took another dimension when the fan yelled 'Suns in 4' and the team ended up sweeping the Nuggets as visitors. 

Now the Suns are comfortably waiting for their rival while we learned more details about that fight. New and more extended footage shows how the two Nuggets fans tried to intimidate the Suns' supporter. 

He repeatedly asked them to leave him alone without success, but things went crazy when one Nuggets fan poured beer on him. Things escalated from that moment, with the Suns' fan taking care of business, throwing hands, and beating the pair. 

After that moment, he gained a lot of recognition around the league, and even Devin Booker reached out to him, praising him and calling him a 'legend' for his actions

After people tried to bully him, this man became a hero, representing the Suns wherever they go. Home fans have been ruthless with visitors this postseason, but not a single one has come out victorious of these situations.