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The Milwaukee Bucks Will Visit The White House To Celebrate Their Title On November 8th

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Milwaukee Bucks

A big tradition in the United States is sports teams visiting the White House to celebrate their championship victories in whichever sport they participate in. However, a lot of NBA teams in recent memory have elected not to celebrate their wins at the White House, for a variety of reasons, whether it be due to Donald Trump's presidency or the COVID-19 pandemic which prevented travel.

The 2021 NBA championship-winning Milwaukee Bucks will be the first team to continue the tradition, and it has been revealed by Tim Bontemps of ESPN that they will visit the White House on Nov 8th. 

The Milwaukee Bucks are scheduled to make a trip to the White House to celebrate winning the 2020-21 NBA title on Nov. 8, sources told ESPN.

The Bucks will be the first NBA team to visit the White House since the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers visited former President Barack Obama. Milwaukee won its first championship in 50 years in July, beating the Phoenix Suns in six games.

The previous four champions -- the Golden State Warriors in 2017 and '18, the Toronto Raptors in 2019 and the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020 -- did not make the trip. The Warriors and Raptors didn't go during Donald Trump's presidency.

The Lakers did not make the trip this past year due to travel complications because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A lot of those ceremonies generally include a celebration of the team's achievement, and a public appearance with the U. S. president, which is currently Joe Biden. It is certainly a great way to commemorate Milwaukee's first NBA championship in 50 years.

The Milwaukee Bucks will hope to repeat this year, and they have mostly the same team as last season. Perhaps we'll see them make the NBA Finals once again, and there are some people such as Brian Scalabrine, who have already picked them to repeat. It remains to be seen if they are actually able to do so, but they are definitely a championship-caliber team.