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Tracy McGrady Compares Jayson Tatum To Kevin Durant: "Kid Has The Potential To Be That Good."

tracy mcgrady kevin durant

Jayson Tatum is one of the best young forwards in the league, and there's no doubt that he's blossoming into a superstar in the NBA. He has brought the Boston Celtics back to the NBA Finals, and they have a chance to win their first championship since the 2008 season.

There is no doubt that Jayson Tatum has a promising future. Recently, Tracy McGrady has claimed that Jayson Tatum could one day reach the same status as Kevin Durant, adding that Tatum "has the ability to win multiple championships". Chase Hughes of NBC Sports relayed the news. 

"I think he can be really good. We’re talking K.D. status," McGrady told NBC Sports Washington. "I think the kid has the potential to be that good. He’s already showing glimpses of that in his young NBA career. I think he has the ability to win multiple championships, be an MVP of the NBA. I think he has that ability."

Becoming similar in status to Kevin Durant isn't an easy task. Kevin Durant is a former MVP, four-time scoring champion, and two-time Finals MVP. He has done a lot over the course of his career, and for Jayson Tatum to equal him, he would have to do a lot more than just appear in the Finals once. Kevin Durant is a legend of the sport, and he is definitely one of the most prolific scorers that the game has ever seen.

With that being said, Jayson Tatum definitely has the talent to become a top-tier player over his career, just like Kevin Durant. Obviously, he is well on his way, but it will take some time for him to rack up the accomplishments required. He is the third-youngest player to get to the NBA Finals as his team's best player, and the best is yet to come for him.