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Video: NBA Fan Gets Dunked On At His Own Wedding

fan posterized wedding

Weddings are generally considered a joyous occasion. That is when two people come together to celebrate their relationship and commit to one another for a long time, if not for the duration of their entire lives. Some fans end up having basketball involved in their wedding in one way or another, and it seems as though that has happened recently.

A hilarious video was recently posted on the Instagram account House of Highlights, featuring an NBA fan who got dunked on during his own wedding. There is no doubt that this was a funny clip to watch, as it was clear that the groom did not see that coming whatsoever. No one would expect to get dunked on at their own wedding, which explains the surprise.

Hopefully, we see the couple end up living happily ever after, as is the goal in every single wedding. It is fun to see that basketball has an influence even during the biggest moments of people's lives. Once, a couple even invited Shaquille O'Neal to their wedding. Though Shaquille O'Neal didn't end up attending, the result of their invitation was him sending the couple a signed photo. The photo had his signature and a message wishing them well with their marriage going forward. There is no doubt that this was an amazing gesture from the Lakers' legend, and it must have been very nice to receive encouragement from him.

The growth of basketball has clearly impacted many people, and it has definitely become a much-watched sport among younger demographics in recent memory. Perhaps we will see more basketball-related events happen at weddings and other events in the future, and that happening will only aid the growth of the sport even further.