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Detroit Pistons Trade Jerami Grant To Portland Trail Blazers For 2025 First Round Pick

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Just days after the conclusion of the NBA Finals, trade season is in full swing. As rumors fly left and right about countless different players, the Trail Blazers finally took action and got some help for Damian Lillard.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Pistons have traded Jerami Grant to Portland for a 2025 first-round pick.

Detroit has traded Jerami Grant to Portland for 2025 first-round pick via Milwaukee, sources tell ESPN.

The 2025 first-round pick via Milwaukee is protected Nos. 1-4, sources said. Detroit sends Grant into a $21M trade exception, and Pistons now have $43 million in salary cap space for free agency.

If you've been following the NBA for a while, this news will not shock you. The Blazers have been pursuing Grant for months now, and they have long been the favorites to land the two-way swingman.

I reported it, and you did as well, that the Blazers were one of the teams persistent in trying to get Grant. I don’t think at the time they had the assets Troy Weaver was looking for to trade Grant. He’s somebody they like and a good player. Troy had all the leverage. He doesn’t have to trade Grant.

Portland’s going to find itself in an interesting situation where they could have a high draft pick coming up… Maybe if it’s high enough, it’s an offer the Pistons can’t refuse. If Jerami gets traded anywhere this offseason, it’s going to be Portland. It feels like Portland is still the front-runner.

For the Trail Blazers, it's a good start to the offseason and a sign that they are serious about re-tooling around Lillard. With Grant, they have a solid, two-way wing player that will strengthen some of their biggest weaknesses.

 But they might not be done making moves. Portland's name has been connected to other names like Deandre Ayton, Zach LaVine, and Bradley Beal. We will see what the front office is able to pull off before tip-off in October.