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NBA Rumors: The Golden State Warriors Are Interested In Trading For Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant's trade request has rocked the NBA world, and a lot of teams have been mentioned in connection to him. There is no doubt that most teams would love to have him on their roster.

There is now another team that has been added to the list of teams that are willing to trade for Kevin Durant. Marc Spears of Andscape has recently revealed that the Golden State Warriors are interested in trading for him. Durant notably won two championships with the Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018. A potential offer would likely involve moving Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole, along with some other young players.

It’s no surprise to me that Warriors have interest in Kevin Durant, according to sources. So does more more than half the league. It’s KEVIN DURANT. You better make the call if you’re an NBA GM. It’s KEVIN DURANT.

“Spears noted the Warriors ‘could’ potentially offer the best package for both sides, with a deal involving Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga and James Wiseman.” 

On Kevin Durant's end though, he may not end want to go back to the Warriors. He has already walked away once, and it was recently reported by Adrian Wojnarowski that the Warriors winning the championship contributed to his trade request from the Nets.

"The expectations having walked away from that Golden State team, I think in the end were overwhelming. ... When you talk to people around Kevin Durant and the Nets—Golden State winning the championship this season, and just the flood of criticism and second-guessing that landed on Kevin Durant, I think it contributed to a tipping point. He wanted to get Kyrie Irving a long-term deal in Brooklyn, wanted to help him get him that. He wasn't able to. And I think once Irving opted back into [his player option], you know, Durant hadn't talked to the organization in weeks. Neither Kevin Durant nor Kyrie Irving, since Kyrie opted into the deal had been in communication. There was a sense of inevitability around the Nets and around the league that this day was coming."

Hopefully, we see Kevin Durant land in a spot where he could potentially win another championship. He still has a good number of years left where he can be expected to play at an elite level, and he could be a player that leads a team to a ring as the No. 1 option offensively.

Kevin Durant reportedly had the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat as preferred destinations, and we'll see if he ends up there. He could win a championship with either of those two teams, and that is likely his goal as of right now.