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NBA MVP Power Rankings: Nikola Jokic Is Back At 1st Place, Luka Doncic Enters The Top-5 Race

NBA MVP Power Rankings: Nikola Jokic Is Back At 1st Place, Luka Doncic Enters The Top-5 Race

The NBA season is almost over, and we have seen countless amazing performances by the best players in the league. We have also seen dominant teams perform at a high level consistently, while other teams have faltered into obscurity. But perhaps the biggest story throughout the season, on the players' level, has been the MVP race. We are seeing some elite superstars perform at an unbelievably high level, and it is time to uncover the updated MVP power rankings.

There are only a few weeks of basketball left to play, and this updated MVP race might be the closest prediction as to who wins the award at the end of the year. We have seen the likes of Kevin Durant and Chris Paul contend for the award earlier in the season, only to fall out due to injury. Of course, LeBron James is playing at an MVP level but his putrid team record is taking away from his greatness as a player. Luckily, we have seen some players leading their teams to wins and putting up MVP-caliber statistics, and without further ado, here are the MVP power rankings at this moment.

10. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler To Karl-Anthony Towns- "You're Soft As Baby Sh*t."

2021-22 Statistics: 21.4 PPG, 6.1 RPG, 5.6 APG, 1.8 SPG, 0.5 BPG

Jimmy Butler is the best player on the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, so why is he not in the top-5 as of right now? The answer is because his stats pale in comparison to others on this list, and Butler’s impact is coming as a leader on a very talented team. Unfortunately for Jimmy, leadership does not appear on the stat sheet.

Miami holds a 46-24 record, 2.5 games ahead of second-place Milwaukee. A dynamic team on both ends of the floor, Jimmy “Buckets” is setting the standard for young players on his side to work hard and try to be the best they can be. A dominant two-way wing, Jimmy Butler is having one of his most impactful seasons yet regardless of scoring statistics.

9. Devin Booker

Devin Booker

2021-22 Statistics: 25.6 PPG, 5.1 RPG, 4.9 APG, 1.2 SPG, 0.4 BPG

Devin Booker’s MVP argument can get stronger over the next few games, especially if he can lead the Phoenix Suns to wins and the best record in the Western Conference in the absence of the injured Chris Paul. One of the best shooting guards in the NBA, Devin Booker can stroke the perimeter shot and also attack the rim.

The Suns currently hold a 55-14 record, 7.5 games ahead of the second seed. As the team’s best scorer and the most consistent player with 57 appearances to date, Devin Booker deserves a ton of credit for impacting the game as an All-Star guard with elite offensive skills.

8. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

2021-22 Statistics: 25.8 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 6.4 APG, 1.3 SPG, 0.4 BPG

Even if Stephen Curry is “only” shooting 38.1% from three, which is below his career average of 42.8%, he is still the best point guard in the game. Stephen broke the all-time three-pointer made record earlier this year and has not slowed down in terms of making threes. No player comes close to Steph in making threes this year, and that is why Curry is averaging 25.8 PPG on a “down year”.

Curry is the best player for the Golden State Warriors, a team that is still waiting for the return of Draymond Green. With Draymond healthy, Steph and the Warriors have a great chance to make the NBA Finals and even win it all. As the third seed, Curry is building momentum in the MVP race and anything can happen over the next few weeks in terms of the 3-time NBA champion winning his third MVP award.

7. Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum

2021-22 Statistics: 26.8 PPG, 8.2 RPG, 4.2 APG, 1.0 SPG, 0.7 BPG

Jayson Tatum has firmly placed his name in the MVP race because he is one of the most versatile and dynamic scorers in the world. An elite swingman with a host of moves and counter-moves, Tatum has been the driving force behind the top-5 seeded Boston Celtics. Quite frankly, outside of Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum has been the most exciting forward to watch.

Tatum is averaging a career-high 26.8 PPG on 45.3% from the field, 38.0% from three, and 84.3% from the free-throw line. These are certainly MVP-caliber numbers, and if Tatum can somehow guide the Celtics to a top-2 seed by the end of the year, the Celtics could have a strong MVP candidate on their hands.

6. DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan

2021-22 Statistics: 28.0 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 5.1 APG, 0.9 SPG, 0.3 BPG

DeMar DeRozan has fallen out of the top-5 spot in the MVP race because the Chicago Bulls have been dropping games lately, falling to the 4th seed with only 1 game ahead of the Boston Celtics. DeRozan has been consistent all year, scoring the ball at an elite level and making others around him better.

There is no doubt that the best offseason signing has been DeRozan to the Bulls because the 5-time All-Star has brought legitimate excitement to the Bulls franchise since the MVP Derrick Rose days, and even the Michael Jordan days. It remains to be seen if DeMar has enough help to reach the Eastern Conference Finals in the playoffs, but the star’s regular season has been sensational so far.

5. Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic

2021-22 Statistics: 28.0 PPG, 9.3 RPG, 8.6 APG, 1.2 SPG, 0.6 BPG

Quite possibly the next face of the NBA, Luka Doncic is getting better and better by the year. The Slovenian star is at the core of everything the Dallas Mavericks do because the franchise opted to trade their All-Star caliber big man Kristaps Porzingis in favor of two floor-spacers to accommodate Luka.

An incredible scorer and dynamic playmaker, Doncic makes everyone around him better and that is because he draws constant double and triple-teams when he has the ball. Quite frankly, there is no way defenders can handle Luka one-on-one, because he is too strong and too skilled to be stopped. The Dallas Mavericks hold the 5th seed in the West, and if they can grab a top-3 seed, Luka has a very strong case for being the MVP.

4. Ja Morant

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2021-22 Statistics: 27.5 PPG, 5.8 RPG, 6.7 APG, 1.2 SPG, 0.4 BPG

The most explosive point guard in the game today, Ja Morant is attracting a ton of fans and media to focus on Memphis Grizzlies games. Of course, the team is winning mainly because Ja has been going off all year. The former No. 2 overall pick has seen his numbers jump across the board, and his shooting percentages have particularly improved.

Morant is nailing 49.3% of his shots from the field, 34.1% from three, and 76.2% from the free-throw line. Ja is no longer a complete liability from the perimeter, and he cannot be stopped by any single defender. The Grizzlies hold a top-3 seed in the West and have a chance to shock everyone in the playoffs, which is why Ja is deeply in the MVP race.

3. Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid

2021-22 Statistics: 29.9 PPG, 11.3 RPG, 4.3 APG, 1.1 SPG, 1.5 BPG

Perhaps the most exciting debate this season has been about which center is better, Joel Embiid or Nikola Jokic? Joel is more physically dominant and particularly intimidating because he attacks the rim with force and also defends the rim consistently. Armed with a silky smooth jumper and a low-post game, Joel is a bonafide superstar.

The Philadelphia 76ers will be a force in the playoffs once James Harden returns to his MVP form because they are the only team with a superstar guard and superstar big man. Embiid is averaging a career-high in PPG and APG, meaning he is somehow getting better. The big man also has a shot to capture his first scoring title but is slightly behind two other stars in the MVP race.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo

2021-22 Statistics: 29.7 PPG, 11.5 RPG, 5.9 APG, 1.1 SPG, 1.4 BPG

The Greek Freak has quietly had a bonafide MVP season because his numbers are ridiculous across the board. Giannis is still the most dominant defensive player in the game because he can defend all five positions, and also has the ability to handle the ball and create for others as well. A two-time MVP, Giannis has a great argument for winning his 3rd MVP award.

The Milwaukee Bucks are creeping for the top seed in the Eastern Conference, as they are only 2.5 games behind the Miami Heat. Giannis does a ton of things on the floor at a superstar level, and he might be the single best player in the world. The reigning NBA champion can usurp the only man ahead of him in the MVP race right now, but it will probably require the Bucks to capture the number one seed.

1. Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic

2021-22 Statistics: 26.0 PPG, 13.8 RPG, 8.1 APG, 1.4 SPG, 0.8 BPG

The league’s reigning MVP is ahead of the pack when it comes to this season’s MVP race because he has been the most consistent player all season long. Jokic has appeared in 62 games to date, and his passing ability is second to none when comparing him to other players at his position.

The Denver Nuggets hold the 6th seed in the Western Conference, which is normally not enough for a potential player to run away with the MVP award. But the Nuggets have dealt with injuries all season long, as Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr have been absent. Without Jokic, Denver is probably in the lottery and instead sit 6 games behind a top-3 seed. Nikola is having another special season, and he is the leading MVP candidate. 


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