Stephen Curry's Career-High Averages Against Every NBA Team

Stephen Curry's Career-High Averages Against Every NBA Team

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Stephen Curry is the best shooter of all time and it isn't close. Curry holds career averages of 24.2 PPG on 43.3% shooting from three and consistently does it every night no matter the opposition. There is a reason why Curry is a 2-time MVP and 3-time NBA champion.

When looking at his Hall of Fame career, Curry performs best against some teams more than others. He holds career averages in points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, true shooting %, and career winning percentage. Here are the 7 teams Curry holds these records against.

Career PPG: 29.2 - Portland Trail Blazers

Stephen Curry Career PPG

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Stephen Curry is a superstar scorer who is a threat as soon as he passes half court. Curry often goes off against most teams, but his best performances seem to come against the Portland Trail Blazers. Curry averages over 29 PPG against Portland, a franchise that has their own superstar point guard in Damian Lillard.

Curry does not have a career average of less than 20 PPG against any team in the NBA, with his lowest coming against the Indiana Pacers (20.3 PPG). Curry does not seem to struggle against any team but his next highest scoring average comes against the Toronto Raptors (28.1) PPG so his career-high against Portland stands out. The most interesting factor in this stat is that Damian Lillard is often the direct competitor for Stephen Curry...or so it seems.

Career APG: 7.5 - Minnesota Timberwolves

Stephen Curry Career APG

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Curry is not known as a playmaker because of his intense scoring ability but he is very capable of moving the ball and setting up teammates when needed. After all, that is why he plays the point guard position better than anyone else in the NBA. Curry has it all as an offensive superstar.

But Curry seems to be at his best at sharing the ball when he plays against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Curry averages a career 6.5 APG but that number jumps to 7.5 APG whenever he plays against Minnesota. On the flip side, Curry holds his lowest career APG against the Washington Wizards (5.2 APG).

Career RPG: 5.5 - New York Knicks

Stephen Curry Career RPG

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Stephen Curry has great size as a 6'3 point guard and holds a career average of 4.6 RPG which is respectable. That number jumps to 5.5 RPG whenever he plays against the New York Knicks, a franchise that many great players seem to hold career-high numbers against.

In fact, Curry holds career averages of over 5.0 RPG against six different franchises. He can't seem to grab enough boards whenever he plays against the Milwaukee Bucks or Charlotte Hornets. His rebounding numbers dip to 3.8 RPG against those two teams which may have to do with the size on the Bucks and Hornets rosters.

Career SPG: 2.2 - Minnesota Timberwolves

Stephen Curry Career SPG

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Many critics do not hold Stephen Curry as a great defender, although he's very adept at stealing the ball. Over his career, Stephen Curry averages 2.0 SPG. By playing the passing lanes and using his very high basketball IQ, he holds a career-high 2.2 SPG against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Timberwolves have not been a very good franchise over the past decade, and Curry has taken advantage of their low IQ play. Interestingly, Stephen Curry only averages above 2.0 SPG against the Timberwolves and the Sacramento Kings. His career-low averages come against the Charlotte Hornets where he only averages 1.2 SPG.

Career BPG: 0.4 - Cleveland Cavaliers, Charlotte Hornets

Stephen Curry Career BPG

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Although Stephen Curry is not a very dominant defender, he's very good at grabbing steals although his blocks per game statistics are not very impressive. For a point guard, this is expected. He has a career average of 0.2 BPG but that number goes up slightly whenever he plays against the Cavaliers and Hornets.

Curry holds career-high averages of 0.4 BPG against those two teams which is decent considering his rather miniature stature. His lowest numbers come against the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic where he does not even register 0.1 blocks per game.

Career True Shooting Percentage: 66% - Charlotte Hornets

Stephen Curry Career TS%

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Stephen Curry and shooting go together like bread and butter. Curry always seems to go off from the perimeter no matter who he plays against, but his shooting is particularly on point against the Charlotte Hornets. He has an incredible 66% shooting percentage despite being the go-to player on his team.

Curry does not have a shooting percentage lower than 55%, which is perhaps even more impressive. He managed that number against the Los Angeles Lakers, which makes sense considering stakes are often high between rivals and shots don't fall as often. Still, Curry’s lowest true shooting percentage exceeds most players’ career-high averages.

Career Winning Percentage: 82% - New Orleans Pelicans

Stephen Curry Career Winning %

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Stephen Curry is one of the most renowned winners of his generation. 3 NBA championships were a result of the immense talent on his Golden State Warriors teams, but Curry was unselfish in sharing the praise with other superstars. That is why players flock to play with him at any given chance. Stephen Curry holds a whopping 82% winning percentage against the New Orleans Pelicans, a team that has had dominant players such as Anthony Davis and currently Zion Williamson.

Curry seems to go off against the Pelicans on most occasions and his Warriors teams come out with wins 8 out of 10 times they play with Curry in the lineup. Curry’s lowest career-winning percentage comes against the San Antonio Spurs, a team coached by one of the most brilliant defensive minds of all time. The Spurs know Curry can take the game over with his shooting and have seemingly found a way to keep him from winning games on his own. It is worth noting that Curry only has a winning percentage of less than 50% against the Spurs, with his next-lowest percentage coming against the Boston Celtics (50%).

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