The Most Unbreakable Records In NBA History: Wilt Chamberlain And Bill Russell Will Never Be Surpassed

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We have seen some incredible records throughout NBA history that will certainly not be broken. These records will be nearly impossible, if not impossible, for any great player to surpass. For these NbA records, not even the likes of Micahel Jordan or LeBron James managed to come close, so how can any other player in history get close?

Here are the greatest records in NBA history that will never be broken.

11. Most minutes per game in a single season: 48.5 MPG, Wilt Chamberlain (1961-1962 Philadelphia Warriors)

In just his third season, Wilt averaged 48.5 MPG over the course of the season. This is something that will never happen again, mainly thanks to players protecting their own bodies and hardly putting themselves through the grind of playing close to 45 minutes a game, let alone 48.5.

Wilt went through five overtime games, one double overtime, and even a triple-overtime game during the season. To kick things off with Wilt is very fitting because he will be on here plenty of times.

10. Most accurate free-throw shooting in a season: 98.1% FT, Jose Calderon (2008-2009 Toronto Raptors)

Jose Calderon shot nearly 100% from the line in one NBA season, taking a total of 154 total free-throws in 2008-2009. Calderon made a sensational 151 free-throws, only missing three from the stripe. We have seen many great free-throw shooters come and go, including Steve Nash and Stephen Curry, but nobody will ever come close to Calderon’s amazing record of only missing three free-throws from a minimum of 150 attempts.

9. Assists in a single game: 30 assists, Scott Skiles (1990-1991 Orlando Magic)

Scott Skiles is currently a head coach of the Orlando Magic, but he was a great playmaker for the (quite fitting) Orlando Magic. He managed to break the NBA record for most assists in a game, dishing out 30 assists vs. the Denver Nuggets. He was the sparkplug and main catalyst for a side that dropped 155 points in that game, giving Skiles an unbreakable assist record for the ages.

8. Most consecutive thirty-point games in a season: 65 games, Wilt Chamberlain (1961-1962 Philadelphia Warriors)

The first and not the last record for Wilt Chamberlain, he managed to drop at least 30 points for 65 straight games. For every player in history, 5 games in a row with 30-points is already an impressive achievement that needs plenty of skill and durability. The fact that Wilt managed 65 straight games is almost inhumane, basically meaning he could score the ball every time down the court. We know Wilt was an athletic freak in his day, but this is just ridiculous.

7. Highest blocks per game average in a season: 5.6 BPG. Mark Eaton (1984-1985 Utah Jazz)

Eaton managed to swat away nearly 6 blocks per game during the 85-85 season, something that no other player has come close to. Think about it, most players struggle to get 2 a game let alone close to 6. Eaton stood 7’4”, so that certainly helped, but he clearly had a special ability to block shots as one of the best shot-blockers ever. This season will go down in history, and Eaton’s face will be all over this record that will never be broken.

6. Most career games played: 1,611 games played, Robert Parish 

This record will never be broken, no matter how durable and consistent an NBA player can be. To put things into perspective, LeBron James, one of the most durable athletes ever, has only played 1,258 games. This means he would need to play at least 5 more seasons to achieve this feat, something that is very unlikely.

Even Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, who played into his 40’s, only played 1,476 games over his career, so Parish had unbelievable durability and that is no wonder why he is a Hall of Famer and legend of the sport.

5. Most career assists: 15,806 assists, John Stockton

Stockton was the greatest assist man in NBA history, and it isn’t even close. While many will argue that he played with Karl Malone, a scoring machine who is a top-three scorer of all-time, Stockton still knew where his bread was buttered and kept dishing out assists. He did this as a man who led the Jazz to two NBA Finals appearances and never missed the playoffs.

The second-highest assist leader is playmaking extraordinaire Jason Kidd, who has over a whopping 4,000 less assist than Stockton. No one will break Stockton’s record, and this is a top-five amazing unbreakable record.

4. Most consecutive games played: 1,192 straight games, A.C. Green

A.C. Green was known as the “Iron Man” because he was just inhumanely durable. He managed to play over 1,100 straight games in a row, something that no player has even come close to. This means that in over 14 straight seasons, Green never got a knock on his body or even had illness strong enough to not let him get on the court. This is simply amazing because no player has shown this type of dedication and love for the game to go this long without missing a game.

It is safe to say that no player will ever beat out “Iron Man” for this record so stamp this one away for good.

3. Highest single season PPG average: 50.4 PPG, Wilt Chamberlain (1961-1962 - Philadelphia Warriors)

Wilt appears on this list, and (hint) he might appear on it yet again. But this is just absurd, that any professional basketball player can score over 50 PPG over one season. The league is supposed to have the best players in the world, but Wilt made everyone look like schoolboys. He was taller, stronger, and more athletically gifted than anyone in the league and his scoring average will never be broken.

Chamberlain’s name appears on a ton of NBA record books, but this record will never be broken. It is just unfathomable to think of any type of player who can average close to this number again.

2. Most NBA Championships as a player: 11 Rings, Bill Russell

Everyone knows about the Boston Celtics Dynasty, and the leader behind it was Bill Russell. Nobody loved playing defense more, as he simply knew how to affect the game and be the defensive leader needed for any team to win multiple championships let alone 11. Russell made the NBA Finals 12 times and won 11 rings. We have seen many great winners in this sport including the likes of Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan, but nobody can get close to 11.

1. Most points scored in a single game: 100 Points, Wilt Chamberlain (1961-1962 Philadelphia Warriors)

This one does not even need explaining why it will never be broken, but here it goes anyways. The second-highest scorer was Kobe Bryant, who dropped 81 points in his sensational season in 2006 against the Raptors. The fact that anyone got within 20 points of Wilt’s record is amazing, so he was hailed and honored for this moment every year.

But Wilt’s 100 points in just hilariously ridiculous, because he scored as many points as an entire team does today. Chamberlain’s name is on a ton of records but this one is just so amazing and truly was a historic moment in NBA history.


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