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The NBA is packed with superstar point guards who dominate the game in many areas. Specifically, we are in an era of exciting point guards who perform spectacular offensive plays almost every night.

We have seen point guards dominate the scoring charts like never before, and even produce eye-popping statistics on a consistent basis while leading their teams to wins. The pg position has always been extremely important since they effectively run the show for their teams by bringing the ball up, and that will never change.

Here is the best point guard by category.


Scoring: Stephen Curry

Credit: Getty Images

Curry is the best scoring point guard in the NBA and one of the best scorers in the league. While there are many players who can claim this category, Curry’s ability to score with ease gives him the edge. Curry is one of the few players who has changed the game because of his offensive dominance. His shooting from the perimeter is outstanding, and he is one of the reasons why he can score 30 points as effortlessly as anyone in NBA history.

Curry can also finish inside and has a nice size for his position. All factors considered, he is the best scorer at the point guard spot.


Rebounding: Russell Westbrook

(via NBA.com)

This one is not even close. Westbrook is the best rebounding point guard in NBA history, thanks to his size and athleticism. Not to mention, he has the most desire of anyone on the floor to snatch down rebounds off the rim. It is very unique to see a non-big man in life with rebounding like this. He just wants to grab every rebound, and average a triple-double for his entire career.

Even if many claims that Westbrook pads his rebounding numbers, it is an astronomical feat to be able to average 10 rebounds over the last few seasons. He is the best in this category.


Playmaking: Chris Paul

(via ESPN.com)

Chris Paul is the best playmaker in the league because he is the best floor general. Even if he doesn’t top the assist category in comparison to someone like Russell Westbrook, his ability to make the right play on a consistent basis gives him the edge. Paul is simply a maestro at controlling the ball and running the right play for his team.

It is no wonder the rockets became a powerhouse as soon as he was traded to them because he is a special player with special talent at the point guard position. While no longer in his prime, Paul is the best floor general in the league.


Shooting: Stephen Curry

This one is not even close. Curry is the best shooter in history, and even a marksman like Damian Lillard has to submit this category to Curry. No one can get hot from the perimeter as Curry can, and simply drain multiple three-pointers in a row with ease.

Because of his shooting, the game has changed and the entire league wants to shoot the ball like him. Curry was the cornerstone of a Warrior’s dynasty that destroyed the league for years. Curry is a special shooting talent that we will never see again.


Defending: Patrick Beverley

(via Heavy.com)

Beverley does not have much offensive talent, but his sheer desire to get up in somebody’s skin is the reason he takes this category. Beverley is a bulldog of the highest order and does not quit on defense.

Even if he is undersized, he is a very good defender who is best at challenging shots. He gets up in a player’s space and makes life very difficult for the game’s best scorers. His hard work, desire, and commitment on the defensive end of the floor make him the best in this category.


Clutch: Damian Lillard

(via NBA.com)

When it comes to clutch, it is Damian Lillard. He is simply cold-blooded in crunch time and he has proved it again and again. There isn’t a point guard who you would want to take the final shot other than Lillard. Even Stephen Curry does not possess the killer instinct of Lillard, despite being a great shooter. Lillard simply has the utmost confidence that his shots will fall, and they often do.

Lillard’s dedication to his craft is the reason for his confidence. He is a phenomenal shooter with the deepest range and simply performs better with the clock winding down. Lillard is the man with this category.


Efficiency: Stephen Curry

(via ABC7)

Efficiency is a hallmark of a great player, especially for offensive players. Curry is a legitimate 50-40-90 guy from the field every season and can score 30 points with just a few shots. Luckily for him, three-pointers count much more than two-pointers and curry makes sure he takes a lot of them.

Because he is the best shooter ever, he makes a ton of them too. Curry’s ability to get hot whenever he feels like it is rare, but it’s his efficiency that separates him from the pack. Due to his pure scoring dominance, Curry is most efficient.


Leadership: Stephen Curry

Once again, Curry takes this one. There seems to be a lack of leadership with these superstar point guards, even if they are able to dominate the game offensively. The closest we can get is Chris Paul, who is simply not the leader he once was. He is older, a bit subdued, and simply not as impactful as he once was. So Stephen Curry takes this one due to two major reasons.

The first is that he is the most impactful player at his position, thanks to his shooting from the field. Curry can blow out teams on his own just by taking shots from the perimeter and dribbling circles around players. Curry is quite simply the best offensive talent. Next, he is very unselfish. He makes players around him better and players love playing alongside him. Curry will soon go down as one of the most unselfish players in NBA history.


Athleticism: Russell Westbrook

(via CBS Sports)

Westbrook is the most athletic point guard in the NBA. He is fast, strong, explosive, and dominant physically. He overpowers most players in his position and uses his speed and quickness to get it the bucket at will. It is no wonder he averages a triple-double with relative ease since he cannot be slowed down.

Westbrook is a very talented player who relies on his athleticism to impact the game and is the most athletic powerhouse at his position.


Ball Handling: Kyrie Irving

(via Sports Illustrated)

When it comes to pure handles, Irving is the best of the bunch. He might have a case for being the best ball handler in his position because he is just that great. Irving has every move you can think of, including dribble crossovers and hesitations that freeze defenders in their spot. Irving is one of the most exciting players in the league and his dribbling ability is a big reason why.

As close as guys like Stephen Curry is to Irving, Kyrie has his whole game predicated on his dribbling and takes this category.


Basketball I.Q.: Stephen Curry

Credit: USA Today

In terms of pure basketball I.Q, Curry is the man. He simply knows how to impact the game as effortlessly as possible thanks to his understanding of the three-point shot. Curry is the most efficient scoring star at his position, and that is because of his high basketball I.Q. Curry has a unique ability to control the game with his scoring and passing and is simply a nightmare to handle.

Curry is also a fantastic playmaker who can read the floor very well. This is a rather underappreciated aspect of his game, and this is clearly a testament to his very high basketball I.Q.


Overall: Stephen Curry

Credit: Getty Images

All factors considered, Curry is the best overall point guard in the league. He is a multiple-time MVP and multiple time NBA Champion for a reason. Curry is added to the list of NBA all-time greats that have managed to change the game and alter the landscape of the league. Even the sport of basketball had changed since players are coming in with deep range shooting and dribbling skills to boast.

If Curry keeps it up, he will soon enter the best point guard of the all-time category where his impact and resume will do the talking for him.


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