(via Fadeaway World)

The Golden State Warriors are on the outside looking in on the playoffs, but they won’t be down for very long.

With Steph and Klay returning to health, the Warriors are set to retake their place as a Western Conference contender. But without Durant, are they equipped to win it all?

Questions have surfaced about the status of the team and the long-term future of some of their players, with 25-year-old Andrew Wiggins being one of them. The belief is that the Dubs might be willing to part with him for a guy who may be better suited for the team.

In his recent article, Tony Pesta of Fansided’s Blue Man Hoop went so far as to detail a trade that would send him to the Bulls for Zach LaVine.

“The price to acquire a 24-year old blooming star is steep. Golden State would have to sacrifice a number of assets – potentially even the newly acquired Andrew Wiggins or a collection of draft picks. However, Lavine is set to be a top-level offensive player for years to come and is absolutely worth the cost. Obviously, having three guards could create issues. But, Thompson has the size to defend most small forwards and the offensive output of Curry/Thompson/Lavine should be enough to tip the scales in their favor. All the Dubs would need to do is acquire a reliable rim protector to perfect this lineup.”

In Chicago, LaVine is undoubtedly their best player and they wouldn’t part with him for cheap. As a young, gifted scorer, many believe he’s a star in the making. With the Warriors and their expert shooters, he’d have new and amazing opportunities to score and drive to the rim.

As for Wiggins, he has shown flashes of stardom over the course of his 5-year career. With a new environment and the ultimate green light, he could blossom into a true franchise player for the Bulls. Getting him and some picks in exchange for LaVine might not be a bad deal.

In the end, nobody really knows what’s going to happen this offseason. With so many question marks, anything is possible. Still, you can probably expect these two teams to make some changes when they can.