Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had the perfect response to who he’d want to have on his team between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. These two players have been compared for quite some time now and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. The GOAT debate has gotten a different dimension this year and everybody is offering their input on it.

Cuban wasn’t the exception and his voice is one of the most respected in the NBA so you know his opinion matters, a lot. During a Q&A session as part of Web Summit 2020, Cuban was asked who he’d prefer to have between the King and His Airness, giving a pretty good response.

“If I want a killer who can make the shot at the end of the game, I want MJ. If I want someone who will make everyone on the team better, I want LeBron.” When prompted to pick one, he said “Well seeing as MJ’s like 60 years old I’ll choose LeBron.”

Jordan and LeBron are widely-considered the two best players in NBA history, but it seems like MJ is still at the top of the list. Cuban mentioned the differences between the two players, explaining why one is more appealing to him than the other depending on the team’s needs.

With both in their primes, Cuban would probably go with MJ, but since the Charlotte Hornets owner isn’t even active, he’s going with LeBron.