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96-Year Old Woman Gets Buckets During Quarantine

Credit: Bleacher Report

Credit: Bleacher Report

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken away one of the most important things from us: hoops. The NBA season is canceled and basketball fans around the world are suffering the burden of dealing with the quarantine without the best competition in the world.

However, that hasn't stopped many other fans from all over the globe to use this opportunity to work on their craft and showcase their abilities on social media.

As a matter of fact, even some unusual hoopers have taken the internet for assault lately, like this beautiful 96-year-old woman who recently went out to her yard to get buckets and take a glimpse of clean air amid the quarantine.

The granny looked as happy as ever taking a couple of shots. You can tell by her technique that she was a fan of Rick Barry and Wilt Chamberlain, as he also knocks down underhand freebies.

Luckily for the rest of us, basketball is just around the corner, as reports claim most franchise will start reopening their practices facilities in no time, that being the first and most important step towards resuming the season.

Whether fans will be in attendance until the end of the campaign that's yet to be seen. As of today, it seems like games will be played behind closed doors until further notice as the NBA wants to wait until its completely safe before welcoming fans in the arenas again.

This one has definitely been one of the most bizarre seasons in NBA history but it has helped us realize just how much our life goes around basketball and cherish it even more. Just like this grandma, we'll be getting buckets until the end of time. Ball is life!