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When Oprah Winfrey Playfully Flirted With Michael Jordan: "Do You Know How Big You Are? And I Don’t Mean In Size!”

When Oprah Winfrey Playfully Flirted With Michael Jordan: "Do You Know How Big You Are? And I Don’t Mean In Size!”

Michael Jordan has been successful at everything he tried. Even though he's struggled to make his Charlotte Hornets a competitive team, His Airness has made the right moves to create an exciting team. 

Of course, he's yet to emulate his success as a player in this new facet, but MJ is confident he can get the job done. During his playing days, Jordan could do anything, becoming the most famous man on earth. The Chicago Bulls legend earned love and respect from fans and a lot of attention from women. 

Given his celebrity status, it wasn't strange for Mike to draw a lot of attention wherever he went. Once, he somehow was approached by legendary personality Oprah Winfrey on live TV, as Oprah asked a big question to the six-time NBA champions. 

Back in 1991, after he won his first NBA championship by beating the Los Angeles Lakers in five games, Mike was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The legendary host had big praise for MJ, but one of the first questions he asked the player made a lot of noise thanks to the double meaning (2:30).

"Do you know how big you are? And I don’t mean in size!” Winfrey told Jordan before the public burst into laughter. "Do you realize the enormity of your fame and what you mean to people? Does it ever hit you?"

MJ also had fun with the question, reminding Oprah they're 'such great friends.' After that, he reflected on his fame, saying it was hard to do simple things like go out and take a walk in public. 

"Sometimes," Jordan replied. "When I can't do basic things, like I can't just move around, I can't go to the grocery store, I can't get out of my car and pump my gas without someone coming."

At the time, Michael was already the best player in the league and the face of the competition. He won the first of his six titles against the Magic Johnson-led Lakers and wasn't thinking about stopping. Jordan went on to win two more titles before retiring for the first time. 

He collected six championships in eight years, becoming the biggest icon in the world of sports, taking the NBA to new levels. After almost 20 years since his third and final retirement, Jordan remains a huge figure not only in sports but pop culture. 

Good thing he keeps himself away from social media given all the bad things fans tend to talk about players. He decides to travel around the world without worrying about haters, trying to keep his mind busy with the Hornets, his golf matches, and incredible trips

At his peak, there was no bigger athlete than Michael Jordan. He was so famous and influential that everybody wanted to shoot their shot with him, and Oprah unintentionally joined that list. 

Credit for this idea: Sports Rush