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Anthony Edwards Roasted The Suns After They Got Knocked Out Of The Playoffs: “They Was Talking So Much Sh*t… Y’all, This Is A Disgrace, Bruh.”

Anthony Edwards Roasted The Suns After They Got Knocked Out Of The Playoffs: “They Was Talking So Much Sh*t… This Is A Disgrace, Y’all.”

The Phoenix Suns were eliminated by the Dallas Mavericks in the second round of the NBA playoffs. Last year's Western Conference champions were up 3-2 after Game 5, but the Mavericks rallied and won two games on the bounce to send the Suns packing.

A lot of NBA fans have mocked the Suns, who were the best team in the regular season, for getting eliminated in such an embarrassing fashion. But it isn't just fans who are having a go at the Suns, as Anthony Edwards also chimed in on social media.

Anthony Edwards reacted to the game on his Instagram story. Taking a video of the Suns during the 3rd quarter, Edwards recalled how the Suns were talking a lot of trash to him and the Minnesota Timberwolves, and even said they wouldn't make the playoffs.

Ant acknowledged that while the Timberwolves were knocked out, the Suns had been horrendous in Game 7, calling their performance a disgrace.

“I remember when we were playing Phoenix, they was talking so much sh*t. Telling us we better make the playoffs, we ain't gonna make the playoffs. We out of the playoffs but y’all, this is a disgrace bruh. Like y’all got 9 points in the third quarter, this is terrible.”

A lot of fans have had the same complaint about the Suns, as it felt like they had become a little conceited after their incredible run to the NBA Finals.

While there is no doubt the Suns are a great team, the way they had been behaving with other NBA players started to suggest that they were too arrogant and felt they were better than everybody. This is why a loss like this for them was celebrated by NBA fans.

Chris Paul vowed that the Suns would return and run it back next year, shunning any rumors of retirement. With a stacked Western Conference and a few more teams improving in the offseason, the Suns will have a tougher go around this year than their last two.