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Back In 2009, LeBron James Promised He Was Going To Join The 2010 Slam Dunk Contest


LeBron James has shown off some of the best and most electrifying in-game dunks during his entire NBA career. The current Los Angeles Lakers star has gotten better over the years and even at 36, he’s making spectacular plays.

We won’t see him in the 2021 Slam Dunk Contest and we’ll probably never see him competing in this event. However, there was a time when he vowed to participate in the competition, while Dwight Howard was ruling the SDC. Hoops Hall recently found a video of LeBron promising he was going to participate in the 2010 contest, but he never did it.

“Right now I'm preliminarily putting my name in the 2010 contest Saturday night. LeBron James is saying, in 2010 in Dallas Stadium, I’m putting my name [preliminarily] in the dunk contest.”

Flash forward, 11 years after that, LeBron is yet to fulfill his promise. The player has won four titles, plenty of individual awards, and more, over that span but he never participated in the Slam Dunk Contest. One of his affiliates recently talked about why he never took that step, explaining that the competition wasn’t too appealing for his brand.

Now we see that it is impossible for LeBron to participate in this contest, even though he appears to jump higher than before. We missed a big chance to see LeBron showcasing his dunking talents at the beginning of the 2010s and now we only have to wonder what would have happened if he actually decided to participate.